Yogeshwar dutt Olympic medalist wrestler & bajarang puniya medal winner wrestler with Dr.Nitin at Wisdom Clinic....
They flew in frm sonepat harayana to get special consultation frm Dr. Nitin Patankar

Dr Nitin Patankar completed his MD (medicine) under guidance of Dr S. D. Mehtalia who is considered as Dronachrya of Diabetes Management in India. After starting his practice independently in 1990, Dr Patankar realized that Indians will be spending more money and resources in treating Diabetes, Heart Diseases, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Diseases and various Cancers.

He could see that changing life styles of the people were inviting the disease. Infections and malnutrition were also to haunt the people with the life styles adopted in the new ear, Dr Patankar concluded. The changing life style included wrong food habits, lack of sufficient physical activities, various stresses and addictions, extra consumption of food etc. Treating these lifestyle diseases was very costly and medication, hospitalization was even costlier.

He was very disturbed by with the fact that poor or middle class patients could not afford the treatments and would fall prey to the diseases. Coming from a lower middle-class family, he knew how it was difficult to take medical treatment for the family members or relatives. During the period, a family friend of his had a heart attack. The friend took extreme step of discontinuing his costly medical treatment, as he had to feed his family members.

This incident changed Dr Patankar’s life forever. It was a shock for him that a person had chosen death over life. Dr Patankar felt very helpless at the moment. But decided to devote his practice to treat disease coming from lifestyle changes and medical management of various disorders. Of course, he was not opposed to using medicines but insisted on changing food and activity habits for long term changes. He come up with small initiatives like controlling body weight to control diabetes and high BP.