Wisdom Clinic

Our therapies elevate the quality of life for our patients.

Keeping the patients wellbeing at the core, we believe lifestyle modification can be achieved without high dependence on medications and it should be best suited for that individual.

At the end of the day, the person who comes to the Wisdom clinic must become the champion of their own health and wellbeing. We then become their guides, companions and mentors through this journey.

Our Motto is to ‘Enhance the value of your life’

Years Of Experience

Dr. Nitin Patankar

General Physician and Diabetologist

Dr. Nitin Patankar is one of India’s leading Diabetes and Obesity management consultants. 

25 years ago, when diabetes and heart disease were in their nascent stages in India, Dr.Patankar could foresee that a lack of lifestyle management would spur an  avalanche of lifestyle related disorders such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Cholesterol and BP, prompting him to start his own obesity and lifestyle management clinic. 

With his MD training from Mumbai University, he went to John Hopkins for an observer-ship to see how the US dealt with their obesity epidemic. 

Dr.Patankar is an early adopter of Lifestyle modification in India, and has felt the need to spread awareness and educate people, through workshops, seminars and lecture series on health, lifestyle, healthy habits and stress management which he continues to conduct for his patients and corporates. 

Dr.Patankar started Wisdom foundation with the aim to give back to society  through education, awareness and early intervention initiatives for people who may not be able to afford the high medical costs associated with these lifestyle disorders.

Years Of Experience

Dr. Neha Patankar


Dr. Neha Patankar works in the field of Pain management both physical and mental through therapies such as Acupuncture, Laser and Flower remedies. 

Dr.Neha completed her MBBS training, and started her career as a medical officer at Thane municipal corporation and later at HelpAge India NGO. 

She then moved on to work side by side with Dr.Nitin Patankar at his Obesity and Lifestyle management clinic.

As an avid practitioner of Yoga and Aerobics, Dr Neha saw the utility in combining allopathy with traditional methods. This led her to undertake courses and certifications. The confluence of these techniques with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy makes Dr. Neha’s treatments more effective. 

Dr. Neha uses these techniques to treat pain related issues such as frozen shoulder, spondylolisthesis, backache, knee pain, migraines and female body issues such as PCOS, Fertility treatments and other psychosomatic disorders originating due to emotional stress.