Diabetes Focused Therapies

Diabetes Management

At Wisdom clinic, Diabetes management treatments help you regulate and maintain - not just your sugars but also help incorporate healthy lifestyle decisions without draconian restrictions.

Reversal of Diabetes

Diabetes Reversal is a possibility with our recommendations. Dr.Nitin Patankar has published a research paper called “Effect of low calories diets on Diabetes Reversal”. This is indexed on the ResearchGate portal

Other Physical Health Therapies

Obesity and Weight management

Wisdom clinic is the first ever obesity clinic in India. With over 25 years of experience under our belt, we provide holistic treatments keeping our values of “Enhancing the value of life” at the core. Tackling Obesity and weight to give you long lasting results.

Heart disease and Hypertension

At Wisdom Clinic we believe in "It's not sufficient to add years to life but it's more important to add life to years". Any body, at any stage of heart disease can experience the improvement in their quality of life with our treatments and recommendations.

Infertility & pregnancy

Dealing with infertility issues can be difficult and frustrating. We at Wisdom clinic want to help alleviate some of that frustration by helping you map your nutritional needs making other therapies (IVF) more conducive and successful.


Keeping with our approach to treatments “Holistic”, Wisdom clinic offers acupuncture treatments for instant pain relief from issues such as frozen shoulder, spondylolisthesis, backache, knee pain, migraines and female body issues which include PCOS, fertility treatments and other psychosomatic disorders originating due to emotional stress.

Mental Health Therapies

Sport fitness and Mental Toughness

To excel at a chosen sport you need to be physically and mentally strong. Guidance on health, nutrition and mental fitness provided by our experts. Our treatments delve deeper to help the athlete perform their best.

Music and Chakra therapy

Our Music healing therapy uses aspects of music and binaural beats to improve physical and emotional health. Combined with Chakra therapy, it helps achieve Relaxation, Inner Balance and Stress Relief

Stress management

Stress does not originate in isolation, it is a summation of various lifestyle constraints. Keeping those in mind, we offer techniques to help you reduce and manage your stress effectively

Chakra based Dharana Therapy

Is a scientific technique of distilling the wisdom of Yoga and Meditation to enable you to achieve your goals. “Dharana” means to hold - to hold on to your intentions and manifest them into reality. Through our customised music and breathing techniques we create a conducive environment for your intentions to reach the subconscious. Once anchored in your subconscious, those intentions turn into neuro-humoral actions. Dharana therapy can be useful to treat diseases by harnessing the power of “Chakras” and “Asanas” to reverse the body clock and improve productivity

Lifestyle Management

Helping you manage your health by keeping your lifestyle in mind, and your stressors at bay. Our program helps inculcate healthy habits through regular diet and exercise interventions, providing stress relief techniques that can be seamlessly added to your daily routine working with your schedule or time constraints. The course of action recommended by our doctors customised to suit the patients needs. This includes tailor made diets and high impact - low effort exercises. We provide subsequent diets and follow ups to be done online via our app and website. We believe lifestyle management done right must reduce the burden of medical costs and increase the quality of life.

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